Our Vision

In concert with stakeholders, our vision is to facilitate safer communities through disaster preparedness, reduction and prevention, and thereby promote sustainable economic development.

Our Mission

Our mission is to aid in the prevention and reduction of natural and anthropogenic disasters on communities. We will help to develop and strengthen accountable mechanisms that promote sustainable development through effective planning and disaster prevention measures.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to reduce, prevent, and manage disasters. We can accomplish this through leadership development with an emphasis on building and strengthening capacity at all levels, by facilitating partnerships, collaboration, and building working relationships with local and regional institutions for sustainable development. We will orchestrate leadership training and facilitate understanding and willingness of decision-policy makers to initiate and help implement policies and institutional mechanisms for disaster prevention and management. We will also help to facilitate the implementation of institutional cooperation of stakeholders and funding agencies.

Core Values

Agility: We embrace adaptation in rapidly emergent circumstances and events. Our experience and expertise help us to anticipate changes before they occur and facilitate our adaptation to serve our clients.

Commitment: We are committed to making a difference for underprivileged and threatened communities and thereby, improving their living standards.

Excellence: We strive for excellence in technical, operations, and management of our services and business lines.

Innovation: Exploration and creativity are pivotal to our services, operations, and management approach. We persistently seek creative and effective methods, techniques, and technologies to apply in our services and operations.

Integrity: We are ethical, respectful, trustworthy, and honest in our conduct.

Standard of Conduct

Our work is based on our commitment and devotion to improving lives and helping to prevent disasters. Our Standards of Conduct apply to all employees, partners, consultants, and authorized representatives worldwide.


For more information,

please contact us at Info@DevelopmentGroupIntl.com or +1.972-352-3609