Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

by javed13 on 2011-11-15 13:30:38

Floods in Haiti ...

Strategic Planning and Implementaion will save lives...

by javed13 on 2010-12-11 10:58:38

Dr. Barney Popkin's List of Publications

Selected Significant PUBLICATIONS and Reports Barney P. Popkin, Cal/PG & REA, CHMM   USAID Administrative Action Memorandum, Creative Associates...

by javed13 on 2010-12-11 09:40:45

Javed Azam's List of Publications

LIST OF PUBLICATIONS Javed Azam                    Engineering...

by javed13 on 2010-12-10 20:14:46

Use of Cell Phones on Planes

Has any one noticed the extensive use of cell phones on planes (including during take off and landing) particulary on domestic flights in some developing...

by javed13 on 2010-12-07 21:13:02
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