Networking and technology transfer exchanges are significant methods of knowledge dissemination, and broaden participants’ know-how and approach to solving complex problems. DGI organizes exchanges as part of its development enhancement programs, with the objective of bringing parties together for mutual benefits.

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We aim to introduce small to medium sized companies in leading areas of development, including products, technologies and services, to institutions and organizations encouraging strategic partnerships that will lead to accelerated growth. Taking advantage of globalization of the world economy and developing markets, we have assembled a team of professionals specialized and experienced in select trade industries.

In some developing nations, liberalization and deregulations of major economic sectors have led to a demand for innovative technologies and services. In addition, continued steps toward economic reforms and availability of skilled labor and dynamic private sector are reasons for reaping the benefits of entering into developing and emerging markets.

We work in concert with experienced trade specialists (located in major cities of North America, Western Europe, and Asia) to facilitate exports leading to an increase in sales to global markets and developing markets. We provide services that include, but are not limited to:

• Conduct targeted marketing research and analysis

• Organize, facilitate, and conduct trade events that promote products and services

• Provide introductions to prescreened and qualified buyers

• Provide business relationship development and networking opportunities

• Through network of specialists with local knowledge and cultural/language capabilities, help

establish business presence in select country, and provide targeted marketing solutions

• Facilitate participation in trade shows that generates business leads

• Facilitate development of innovative strategic partnerships through Memorandum of

Understanding (MOU), Joint Ventures, and cooperation/project agreements

Opportunities in various sectors include the following:

• Energy (oil, gas, power)

• Design and Construction

• Infrastructure Development

• Environment (products & services)

• Communication & Information Technologies

• Health Care Products & Services